Kitchen Renovations Calgary

Your kitchen is one of the best focal points of your home – and renovating your kitchen can mean transforming an outdated space into a more useable and beautiful space that both your family and friends can enjoy!

First Class Renovations has been involved in the design and development of kitchens in the Calgary area and has extensive knowledge and experience creating beautiful and functional kitchens. Whatever your style, First Class Renovations can create the kitchen of your dreams ~ from contemporary cabinets to traditional styles and space-saving designs.

Whatever the project, we strive to deliver accurate timelines and quotes to make your renovation as EASY as possible! Our strict focus on timelines and budgets allows us to plan your project accurately, with few surprises along the way. We can also offer suggestions on how you can get the most from your budget.


We’ll provide you with a monthly calendar, and walkthroughs at various stages during the project, so you can stay informed with every step of your renovation. Look forward to daily onsite supervision, and continuous activity in your home.

Interested in seeing what your kitchen can be transformed into? First Class Renovations can provide you with the kitchen development expertise you need!

Make your dream kitchen a reality! Call us today: 403 620-0541